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Soul Kits

We get it, you're sick as F**K, and only skate the grimy streets.  No coping for you, and angle iron ledges are for posh kids anyways; but now you need a new replacement sole kit.  Lucky for you, we're also rad dudes, so we have heaps of sole plates and new skate soles available.  Whether it's replacement USD soles, or you have to sort new THEM Skates soles because right now they look weird with your super rolled up pants and beanie, we can help.
Also, lots of these soles can be modified to fit other skates with very little work.  Feel free to ask our technicians at the shop if an upgrade is possible.  You know you want to rock Adapt Brand soles on your Salomons, could you imagine if we had this sort of sole space in the 90's?
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