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Seba Skates

Seba skates are internationally recognised as a high-end inline skate manufacturer. Our orders go as far as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Europe, USA, Korea, Brazil and Australia. So whether you are in Dubai or Dunkirk there's no denying the worldwide reputability Seba Rollerblades. The Seba skate design came from freestyle skating legend and world champion Sébastien Laffargue, although he has now split from Seba to start 'FR Skates'. Sébastien's expertise goes into each Seba skate to this day. As a world champion freestyle skater, his standards are high with primary focus put on performance and comfort. Seba was never intended as an entry level skate, however with their great rep and lower-end models appearing at more and more friendly prices they have become just as popular with the wannabe freestyler as the seasoned veteran. Seba are developed to push freestyle skating limits by offering high quality parts that are tried and tested by world leaders in the sport. You pay for quality when you buy a Seba skate!
The Seba FR1 skate is the classic freestyle skate and the most popular for freeriding. The Seba High skate is a legend as one of Seba's first models which took the market by storm. The Seba High skate is perfect if you are looking for support and increased response. The Seba FRX skate is what Seba calls its "entry" level skate but make no mistake as it can easily be compared to other skate manufactures' top end models. Jammed with features you would never find on other "entry level" skates, the Seba FRX is one to check out if you want a responsive skate built to withstand much much more than a Sunday stroll through the local park. For the kids, Seba have recently introduced the Seba FR Junior skates which imitates it's bigger brothers and offers the junior freestyle skater an option which can be altered to accomodate for the growth in your children. The Seba Carbon Skates (Seba Trix etc) have a Carbon fibre shell for weight reduction and support, aluminium frames, great wheels, and an integrated liner. Seba also made a surprise entry into the aggressive market of late with the Seba CJ Wellsmore skate which also includes Carbon Fibre construction and a higher cuff than some of it's similar counterparts.
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